Luca Giorgio

Luca is a true motivational spirit with ability to produce a fresh creative direction and inspire others through his talents. His dream is to create life balance through creation.

Luca Giorgio is a World Class Fashion Photographer & Designer branding models and clothing for the commercial industries. Travelling to Los Angeles, London, New York and Various Canadian cities.

Luca Travels the world with ambition to capture some of the most beautiful faces he can find but as a visionary also creates opportunity for those he crosses paths with.

He offers a personal approach to photography, branding and model movement training and he has the rare ability to pull a natural and honest expression from his subjects. Working with and developing models is one of his passions as he bonds quickly with them, allowing to uncover the true energy within.

Luca offers personalized care to all clients including honesty in regards to industry advice,  mentorship, critiques or direction.

Luca has worked on many interesting projects including $70 Million worth in AAA budgeted feature films and with an App developer who has raised over $8 Million in crowdfunded projects. His work has been showcased from top tier premium modeling agencies.  

Luca was mentored by the celebrity fashion photographer who discovered Victoria Secret model Taylor Hill and he also worked under the largest music video production company in California, interacting with celebrities such as Lisa Edelstein (House), and Randy Jackson (American Idol).

Not only confined as a marketing strategist, Luca Giorgio’s authentic talent reflects in other skills such as music, photography, fine art, sculpting, and character designing. His academic credentials have earned him in-depth understanding of the business and creative industries. In addition, his role as an percussion educator reveals his unique skills to enhance students’ strength and performance ready confidence.

With outstanding leadership qualities, he is very good at developing ideas and preparing productive road-maps for businesses. Having an experience in high-end film work and a positive entrepreneur mindset, it allows for the implementation of new ideas with the utmost accuracy maximizing both creative and business areas.

Luca lives in several places and embraces change. With business and social media consulting, he helps companies benefit greatly from new concept generation and its execution. 

His past visual effects and film post production experience gives him strong project management skills and attention-to-detail.

Luca is a trained production artist and can provide creative or business assets, concepts or solutions for industry quality visuals or marketing strategy.

IMDB CREDITS - Feature Films

IMDB CREDITS - Feature Films

"A few samples of Agencies Luca has collaborated with ."